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    Industry Event Review: Automotive Advanced Materials: 2D or not 2D?

    ‘Automotive Advanced Materials: 2D or not 2D’ kicked off the APC’s series of events entitled ‘The Future of Technologies Series 2018’ and took place in the iconic Whitworth Hall at the University of Manchester on the 30th January…

    The NAA supported the event with a stand in an exhibition area, and around 200 attendees at the event explored the reality behind advanced materials and discussed whether they can be game-changers in the automotive industry.

    Although currently in their infancy, new technologies such as 3D Metal Printing and Graphene have the potential to be game-changers in many areas of the automotive industry. Graphene was the focus for the event, being discovered at the University around 10 years ago. Some of its remarkable properties include transparency (single atomic layer), the strength of carbon fibre, thermal and electrical conductivity, and a membrane with the ability to filter down to atomic level.

    Potential applications in the automotive industry include new composite materials, sensors, heated windows, high frequency electronics and batteries. Many applications will also have the benefit of lowering vehicle weight so having a significant impact on vehicle fuel consumption and emissions.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the potential for using Graphene in your products then please get in touch with the NAA, and if there is enough interest we can look at putting on a member event focussing on this exciting new technology.

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