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    Industry News: NAA supports the Automotive Council UK International Competitiveness Survey

    This is your chance to have an input into the 2017 UK International Competitiveness Survey which is going to a much wider community than the 2015 survey. Please demonstrate the involvement of the NW & Yorkshire in this activity by completing the survey today…

    In November 2015, the Automotive Council published its first report on the International Competitiveness of the UK Automotive Industry. The aim of the report was to illustrate the UK’s competitiveness advantages, and to identify where additional attention from government and industry would optimise the UK’s attractiveness for R&D and manufacturing.

    Since then the report has been widely reported and used in industry and government – it is available on the Automotive Council website at the following address:

    The intention has always been to update this report regularly, and the Automotive Council is proposing to update and re-publish within 2017.

    A core input to the report was an anonymous survey of industry to prioritise KPIs, from among a long list of 37 competitiveness drivers, based on real industry requirements.

    Your company is invited to complete a questionnaire in which you will be asked to identify the key factors driving investment decisions.

    All replies from the survey go to an independent third party, and will not be seen by anyone from another company. Information from the surveys will be aggregated and will not be attributed to any respondent.

    We would also encourage you to pass on the survey to companies in your supply chain; the larger the response the more credible and objective our report will be. Companies who reply to the survey will receive a copy of the International Competitiveness report in advance of publication, and will have the opportunity to comment.

    This survey provides a unique opportunity for our industry to give objective guidance to both the Automotive Council and the government in a way which can strengthen the UK’s automotive sector for the long term. Thank you in advance for your support in providing this important information.

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    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham