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    Industry News: Portal for skilled people leaving the Oil and Gas Industry

    Following the downturn in the Oil and Gas industry, many skilled engineers, technicians, science professionals and people with related skills are leaving the sector as job losses continue to grow. The Government has funded a specific Oil and Gas Portal where people leaving companies in the sector can register and be visible to employers across the wider engineering, technology, manufacturing and science industries looking to recruit.…

    This is a free service. All employers need to do to view, contact and recruit people is to register via the following link

    The number of people leaving the Oil and Gas industry and registering on the portal is expected to progressively grow through 2017 into 2018. All too frequently in the past skilled people in automotive were offered and found work in the Oil and Gas sector, so the evidence for skills transferability is very much there.

    The Oil and Gas portal is part of a wider Not for Profit Initiative called TRS, which is industry led and supported by SMMT along with many other Trade Associations and Employer Organisations like the EEF. TRS has its roots in the defence industry and provided the same approach to supporting people and companies following the defence cuts in 2010/2011.

    TRS has grown and developed over the years to support the rail and nuclear sectors in their drive to attract, retain and develop skills through bespoke platforms. TRS has also worked directly with companies such as Rolls-Royce to provide a tailored platform to support its ‘internal’ Global Restructuring programme.

    TRS is dedicated to supporting careers in manufacturing, engineering and technology. It helps industries to attract new talent, individuals to develop their potential, and the UK to retain key skills. In short, it is helping to build and maintain a national pool of industry skills to meet the needs of UK plc.

    Any questions please contact Richard Smith, Engagement Director, on 07791 722242, or The portal is not available to use by recruitment agencies.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham