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    Industry Survey: Impact of Electrification – job roles and training survey

    Can you help inform an understanding about the current provision and plans for electric vehicle and battery job roles in the UK and the training necessary to meet future demand…

    The UK auto industry is undergoing a disruptive transformation, shifting from internal combustion engine-powered vehicles to fully electric vehicles by 2040. The rapid growth of the industry leaves skills shortages at all levels. However, there is a lack of understanding of the scale of workforce needed to meet future demand for electric vehicles (EVs), and the specificity of job type across the supply and service chains. This includes the volume of new workers needed to enter the workforce, the type and number of current workers who may need reskilling / upskilling, and an identification of parallel industries (oil and gas, food service) from which we might draw talent.

    Zero Carbon Futures has been commissioned by the Faraday Institution to undertake a study to identify the scale of new or reskilled employees by job type to meet future demand created by electrification of transport as a function of time. Also, to identify the jobs that will no longer be necessary, if reskilling could not occur. Then, identify existing and planned training in the UK for battery research and development, manufacturing, servicing, repair, emergency response and disposal / recycling for electric vehicles and the batteries for them to meet this demand.

    ZCF would be grateful for your assistance in this study by completing a short questionnaire in relation to the job types and skills within your business.

    The output of this study will be used to shape future government policy relating to the industrial strategy.

    Please note that any information that you provide will only be used as a part of a larger dataset combined from data received from other organisations and will not be directly connected to your individual organisation thereby ensuring anonymity. Only data relating to Job Types will be used, individual’s details will not be used in the final report. ZCF would, however, want to credit your organisation for helping with this study if you do so.

    To take part in this survey please contact:
    Geoff Watson
    Technology Manager
    Zero Carbon Futures
    Tel: +44 (0)191 426 4307

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham