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    Industry/SMMT News: SMMT Compiles More Than 500 Top Facts About UK Automotive

    More than 500 of the hottest UK automotive facts have been compiled by the SMMT

    • Over 30 manufacturers build 70+ models here, but where are they and what do they make?
    • A total of 2.6 million new vehicles were registered in 2013, but which were the top models?
    • There are more than 35 million vehicles on UK roads, but which town boasts the most pink cars?
    • Around 80% of UK-built vehicles are exported, but which countries top the export list?
    • UK auto manufacturing boasts £60 billion annual turnover, but how many people are employed across the sector?
    • A new car is 25% more efficient than one bought 10 years ago, but what proportion of the UK’s CO2 emissions is created by cars?

    The answers to these questions – and many more – can be found in the latest online version of Motor Industry Facts 2014.

    UK automotive is going from strength to strength, a fact highlighted by the wealth of data SMMT has collated. From domestic automotive manufacturing and new registrations to data on vehicles currently on UK roads, the guide comes packed with useful facts and figures.

    To download Motor Industry Facts 2014 (PDF format), visit

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