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    Institution of Mechanical Engineers Manchester Initiative Primary Engineer Leaders Award

    The Primary Engineer Leaders Award is a fantastic event to promote engineering in schools and it’s about to be launched in the Greater Manchester Area.

    The only requirement is for engineers to go into schools and explain from their perspective what it has been like to be an engineer and then be interviewed by the class or classes.

    IMechE is also setting up a WebEx forum for people who would prefer to engage this way.

    This is a challenge in the Greater Manchester area as there are around 750 schools.

    This project is being sponsored by the Manchester Mayor and the IMechE on behalf of Primary Engineer.

    If you can find a few hours to help it would greatly appreciated.

    Primary Engineer would be the first call, their details are:

    Tel 01282 417 333

    Web Site

    Contact Susan Scurlock –

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham