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    Lancashire Innovates

    Lancashire Innovates helps companies develop a culture of continuous growth through innovation, and trains 3-12 staff members to become innovation specialist practitioners within their workplace.

    • Free Innovation coaching for 3-12 staff members, provided by Pera Training (average value c. £15k)
    • A day’s free coaching on the Innovation Champions course (value of free module c. £1k)
    • First refusal on positions for the funded aspect of the remainder of the Innovation Champions course

    The courses cover product, service, process, marketing and organisational innovation – it’s not just about new products.

    All the company has to do is be able and prepared to commit 3-12 staff members for 4 days training over a few months. This could also be open to supply chain groups, for example, a group of collaborating companies could jointly commit 10 people to a single cohort.


    • Are you able to achieve significant year-on-year improvements in your productivity and profitability?
    • Are you finding it difficult to identify the ideas that will drive your business growth?
    • Does your management team fully appreciate the benefits that innovation can bring?
    • Do you have mechanisms to draw the best ideas from your entire workforce?
    • Do you know how to develop a portfolio of projects to maximise your growth potential?


    Lancashire Innovates is a comprehensive Innovation programme providing you with a group of trained Innovation Leaders and an Innovation Champion. This scheme is ideal for companies aiming to grow or simply optimise their existing offering, and is best suited to companies with more than 30 employees.

    Lancashire Innovates has been developed by Inovaris and Pera Training, and comprises two learning opportunities – Inovaris’ “Innovation Champions” programme, and Pera’s “Innovation in Action” programme. The programme provides subsidised training worth an average of £35,000 per company supported by the European Social Fund.


    • Develop an innovation strategy that drives your growth in the direction you desire
    • Focus your entire company’s collective knowledge on specific development projects
    • Engage your supply chain and customer base in the development of your business
    • Develop and improve all aspects of your value proposition and business model
    • Deliver productivity and profitability benefits which improve your business

    In summary:

    • Encourages involvement from the entire business
    • Increases staff engagement and satisfaction
    • Short, medium and long term benefits
    • Focuses on any aspect of your value proposition and business model
    • Provides implementation support over 12 months

    Find out more at:

    T: 0845 643 2844


    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham