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    Local Industry supports engineering celebration day at Liverpool

    Nearly 100 A-level students displayed their innovative engineering project skills at the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) Celebration Day at the University of Liverpool.

    Companies from the North West were at the heart of the event, one of three such events across the North, with engineers providing expertise and assistance in the form of project mentoring and final assessment to help the budding engineers.

    For the past six months, EES students from schools across the North West have been working on real engineering problems set by local industry. The 23 teams of 16-17 year olds have been working closely with companies and organisations such as Essar Oil, John Crane, Unilever, United Utilities, and Siemens.

    One of the teams, Upton-by-Chester High School, was sponsored and mentored by Essar Oil at Ellesmere Port. Two Essar engineers, Jennifer Griffiths and Stuart Gardiner, helped the four strong school team to prepare for the event. Their task was to assist the safe removal of a crosshead from a reciprocating compressor.

    The teams then presented their ideas to panels of experts on the day, among them Carol Holden, Chief Executive of the Northwest Automotive Alliance.

    Working in a panel of six experts, Carol helped assess the work of four school teams, including the Deanery High, Upton-by-Chester, Urmston Grammar and West Kirkby Grammar School.

    Reflecting on the day, Carol said: “The whole event was extremely well organised.  The Assessing Panels had initially assessed the written reports that had been circulated beforehand. These gave a review as to the scope of work and outcomes for each school. During the day the students gave formal presentations and manned a ‘stall’ so that all of the assessment panels could view their work.”

    “The enthusiasm of all of the students was apparent not only within the reports, but also in the presentation material. The quality of work was excellent throughout. It has been a pleasure to be associated with Engineering Education Scheme (EES) Celebration Day and with the budding engineers and technologists of the future.”

    Charity Watkins, Engineering Development Trust Regional Director says, ”The Engineering Education Scheme is an amazing way to develop company staff and teachers, but the real stars are the students who come up with innovative solutions to problems. They gain communication skills both written and verbal, manage a project and cope with the demands of their studies. Many of these students will decide to study engineering as a direct result of this scheme, great for the future of UK plc.”

    She went on to say ”Last year we had to disappoint over thirty schools that had registered to take part due to a lack of companies to link them with. The EES adds value to companies, engineers, teachers and the students – all benefit enormously from involvement. I know many companies get involved to develop their own staff, encourage students into engineering careers but also to directly recruit from the school teams that they have been linked with.”

    The EDT is an education charity that helps talented young people achieve their full potential, particularly in engineering, science and technology careers. The Trust runs six schemes, providing opportunities for 12-21 year old students to improve their technical and employment skills through industry-led projects, industrial placements and specialised courses: First Edition, Go4SET, Open Industry, Engineering Education Scheme (England), Headstart and The Year in Industry. EDT Registered Charity Number 1002459. All EDT schemes are members of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Best Programme.

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