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    Low Carbon Innovation Hub

    The Low Carbon Innovation Hub (LoC) at Liverpool John Moores University creates innovative low carbon goods, processes and services, developed through collaborative partnerships between local companies in Merseyside and University researchers.

    Our aim is to work with local SMEs on an individual basis in order to identify opportunities for low carbon development which will ultimately bring about economic and environmental benefits for businesses and the community.

    Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the project requires no monetary investment from the companies that we work with. Our role is to advise you and to help with the delivery and applications for low carbon development funding where necessary. In this way LoC will open up access to cutting-edge exploitable assets and expertise, giving local SMEs a significant competitive advantage in areas such as:

    • Low Carbon Planning
    • Real Time Monitoring and Automation
    • Sustainable Asset Management
    • Energy Efficiency/Management
    • Renewable Management
    • Waste Management/Recycling
    • Renewable Energy from Waste Systems
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Sustainability Strategy

    If you would like to find out how the Low Carbon Innovation Hub can help your business, please call Tony Seasman on 0151 231 2649 or email

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham