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    Member Company News: Automotive Comms launches Electric Car Guide animation

    An animation tool designed to provide a user-friendly and engaging introduction to electric vehicles has been launched by NAA member Automotive Comms and supported by the London Borough of Camden and the Energy Saving Trust. The Electric Car Guide, together with more information about the latest electric vehicles, can be viewed at

    The Electric Car Guide animation tool is designed to help answer the questions everyone has about electric vehicles, as well as exploding some of the myths. The guide explains the differences between electric, plug-in hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles, and communicates the many benefits that electric vehicles offer to motorists, including lower running costs. Electric vehicles don’t produce any tailpipe emissions, so they’re ideal for use in areas that have air quality challenges, such as the London Borough of Camden.

    Councillor Phil Jones, cabinet member for sustainability at Camden Council, said: “Poor air quality impacts everyone who visits, lives or works in London and electric vehicles provide a positive way to improve this. By creating an animated guide to using electric vehicles in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust we hope to increase people’s understanding of how electric vehicles work, the different types of electric vehicles available and what situations they are suitable for.”

    Tim Anderson, Senior Knowledge Manager, Energy Saving Trust, added: “As fuel costs continue to rise, electric and hybrid vehicles become an increasingly viable option. To help drivers navigate their way through the different types of plugged-in vehicles and consider which might best suit their needs, this new animated guide provides clear, straightforward advice. It outlines the financial and environmental benefits, clearing up some of the conflicting information surrounding plugged-in vehicles.”

    Paul Clarke, Founder and Editor of, says: “Electric vehicle sales may have had a slow start so far but the forecasts are that their numbers will start to steadily increase as new electric vehicles come to market during 2013. This animation aims to provide an engaging introduction to electric, plug-in hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles that can be watched in just a few minutes.”

    The Electric Car Guide animation tool, together with more information about the latest electric vehicles, can be viewed at

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