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    Member Company News: TVS Supply Chain Solutions feature in the Business Reporter, distributed with The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph

    NAA member company TVS Supply Chain Solutions recently featured in the Business Reporter, distributed with The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. With a UK history dating back to the turn of the 20th Century as Leyland Vehicles, TVS Supply Chain Solutions is now part of the international $6bn TVS manufacturing and logistics group.

    In the UK, TVS provides solutions that help supply chains deliver better availability from less stock, resulting in lower costs and enhanced profitability.

    Every supply chain is different, but whether it brings components into a manufacturing plant, or delivers spares to customers, if challenges include cash flow, resources, facilities, suppliers, processes, risks or customer satisfaction, TVS can provide solutions to help.

    Success stories

    When the UK MoD needed to improve spares supply for a small and highly specialised fleet, TVS raised its spares availability by almost 30 per cent and shrank its stock levels by almost 90 per cent. This reduced its cost and risk while improving its customer service and vehicle availability.

    An equipment manufacturer needed to protect its production schedule to ensure orders were built on time. TVS established a highly responsive inbound supply chain in proximity to its manufacturing site, managing its suppliers and inventory. This conserved its premium manufacturing space while protecting its schedule stability, reducing its inbound supply risks and costs.

    A brewer needed to reduce the costs of supporting all the equipment between beer barrels and customers’ glasses. TVS took over its purchasing, storage and delivery, reducing its costs and risks while making life easier for its publicans and field service teams, and, of course, keeping the beer flowing for its customers.

    A vehicle manufacturer needed to improve its customer experience. TVS made product identification and ordering of this complex mechanical equipment as easy as ordering from Amazon. Customers now order with confidence, knowing they will receive the right parts, in the right place at the right time. Meanwhile, the manufacturer enjoys a 25 per cent reduction in item returns.

    After a century of UK supply chain support, TVS has many other examples of how its solutions make a positive difference. If you have supply chain challenges, TVS can be contacted on 01257 265531 or at

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