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    NAA Awards: Application deadline is approaching!

    The NAA Awards closing date is Friday 30th August, which is only a few weeks away, so by now you should be closer to writing your applications or at least gathering content together. With the holiday period about to commence, blink and the application closing date will be here!…

    The focus of this month’s article is on the 2 new Awards. Firstly, the Corporate & Social Responsibility Award. We would encourage as many of our larger companies as possible to consider applying for this Award – hopefully it will be relatively easy for you to construct from existing information.

    More information on this Award:

    • It enables large companies to apply as well as SMEs
    • We will be looking at the balance of activities compared to company size, so just because you only employ 25 people as opposed to 2,500 do not let this put you off if you are active in this area
    • A simplified application process, expression of interest form only for the closing date
    • You can elect either a site visit or a webinar
    • You can decide on the content of the visit and webinar

    Secondly the Digital Media & Marketing Award.

    This new award is a development from the previous Marketing Excellence Award. The aim is to encourage applicants who have developed novel and effective digital marketing activities either within the automotive industry or outside of the industry with applicability within the industry. Our last two winners of the Award were around digital projects, with the 2017 winner of the Marketing Award being CCM Motorcycles; the company moved to an online ordering process, rather than via distributors/dealers, and found that its bike ranges sold out in days. The 2018 winner was Briggs Automotive Company and its activity was around a client app that it developed to bring its customers much closer to the Mono brand.

    With the rapidly changing world of digital media we want to encourage everyone to embrace and maximise the potential. In addition, the new sponsor of the Award is a marketing group, so will be able to bring latest thinking to both the assessment and supporting applicants in the longer term.

    As a reminder the Awards provide you with many benefits:

    • The chance to win an Award.
    • The opportunity to become Company of the Year.
    • Raise the awareness of your company on the evening in front of key individuals from the region’s automotive community and leaders of the automotive community from across the UK.
    • Benefit from the free nationwide PR about the event and the Awards. 
    • You will have a company and an Award entry in the dinner brochure for free. There is a brochure for all attendees and many take these away for follow-up at a later point. All we ask is that you submit the required information for this as part of your application submission.
    • Directed introductions linked to the content of your application.

    If you have any questions about the Awards process then please contact We can also offer advice on the completion of your application to enable you to maximise your opportunity to win.

    Apply for a 2019 NAA Award here

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