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    NAA Business Excellence Programme Update: If you want funding for a project or if you know of any other companies that would benefit from the BE Programme then get in touch now

    We hope that you have all enjoyed a restful and happy festive break! 2014 is a very exciting time for the automotive industry and all those who have taken the step to join the NAA’s Business Excellence Programme. To date we have 113 members; therefore if existing members can recommend other potential companies to join the programme we would be very grateful, as we will aim to allocate the few remaining memberships by March 2014

    Our key aim is to ensure that all members take full advantage of every element of the programme, including:

    • Improving company services and products visibility via the BE member section of the NAA website
    • Networking and sharing of best practice through attendance at the sector-focused BEP networking events
    • Supporting business improvement projects through our mentoring and technical support fund and consultancy panel 

    To date we have supported 88 business improvement projects, covering areas including process improvements, quality system development, change management, management information systems, marketing strategies, etc. Our aim is to allocate all funds by September 2014, so I anticipate that the initial rush for funding will continue to increase. Please note that the majority of the SME funding in the Merseyside area has already been allocated so don’t leave it too long to avoid disappointment. If you would like to know more about the mentoring and technical support available, then please contact either Amanda Holmes ( or myself to arrange a meeting, where we can help you to complete the simple project application form.

    New Members
    We wish to welcome the following new members to the BEP:

    • FDM Digital Solutions
    • Mech Tech
    • JSE-UK Ltd
    • Junair Spraybooths
    • Torotrak

    BE Member Networking Events
    2014 promises to be an excellent year for BE Networking events and we’re looking forward to the following future dates:

    18 February 2014 – Mini Gears, Stockport
    13 June 2014 – Cholmondeley Pageant of Power 

    There will be two more networking events during 2014 and we are currently in discussions with those companies interested in hosting the meetings and will provide further information as the year progresses; however we will ensure the BE Network creates the maximum potential for shared knowledge and business opportunities.

    Please also note that we are very interested in gaining member ideas for hot topics at each event to ensure content is relevant, informative and supports our members in their day-to-day trials and tribulations! If you do have any suggestions or wish to be considered to host future events, again please contact Amanda or myself to discuss.

    We look forward to supporting our members through what we foresee will be a successful and fruitful 2014.

    Dr Martin Andrews

    Tel:-  07870 81221

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham