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    NAA Company Profile: Alchemist Consultants

    Due to the changing nature of operational excellence, Alchemist Consultants has been developed to focus on the key ingredient in making operational excellence more effective and sustainable … your people! The Alchemist approach to operational excellence is a people-centric model utilising behavioural approaches to create sustainable change…

    Alchemist incorporates KZN Solutions which is a company developed out of North West automotive manufacturing in 2010. KZN will be the delivery arm of the Learning and Development offer which is one of the business streams of the overarching Alchemist Consultants offer.

    We know that businesses are complex and unique, that’s why the Alchemist offer brings together elements of innovation and operational excellence, learning and development, applied research and mind to devise a bespoke journey with you.

    Why is the Alchemist Innovation and Operational Excellence approach different?

    We build upon your own operating system to focus upon behaviours providing a behavioural approach to operational excellence.

    Why is the Alchemist Learning and Development approach different?

    We provide a commercial and levy funded offer around the transformation agenda which is measured through a competency-based framework providing return on investment.

    Why is the Alchemist Mind different?

    Our people-centric offer focuses upon self-reflection and people performance utilising methods such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

    What is the Alchemist Research?

    We provide a bespoke research service, backed by academic rigour with one of the UK’s leading business school, industry experts and practitioners.

    The Alchemist Enginn (Engaged Innovation) is our delivery mechanism which brings together our experts in the fields of Innovation, Operational Excellence, Learning and Development, High Performance Coaching and Research, providing a unique approach to sustainable transformation.

    Our people-centric approach is why we’re different, it’s all about your people!

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    Contact details:
    Michael Bainbridge, Managing Director
    email Michael on
    call Michael on 07713 123865

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    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham