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    NAA Company Profile: Automotive Comms, providing trusted marketing support to the NAA and its members

    Automotive Comms provides marketing and communication support to organisations operating in the automotive industry, developing marketing strategies and delivering marketing direction, either ongoing or for specific projects as needed, to help companies grow and become more profitable…

    Automotive Comms provides marketing support for the NAA, including the production of the NAA newsletter, and is also partnering with the NAA on its new ‘Automotive Business Opportunities’ service, supporting NAA members to capitalise on new business opportunities in areas such as electric vehicles.

    As well as developing strategy and directing communication, Automotive Comms also provides services such as writing, design, photography and video. This translates into delivering projects such as branding, websites, e-marketing, multimedia, brochures, exhibitions, case studies, presentations and PR.

    Automotive Comms is also the UK’s leading specialist in low carbon vehicle communication, having worked at the forefront of this sector for over ten years, and having run the UK’s original green car website since creating the site in 2006.

    Automotive Comms has worked successfully with a wide range of NAA members, and can even offer free professional photography as part of projects, all of which demonstrates the value of the NAA network. Some examples of projects carried out with NAA member companies are as follows:

    Award-winning direction of communication for EA Technology’s Electric Nation project

    Electric Nation is a project to trial a smart charging solution to help local electricity networks cope with growing numbers of electric vehicles, with partners including NAA member EA Technology together with Western Power Distribution and DriveElectric. The target was to recruit 700 electric vehicle drivers to take part in the project, and this target has been achieved ahead of schedule. In a two week period recently the project was featured on BBC Radio 5 live, Radio Wales, Autocar, Energy World, and it was presented at the UN Climate Change Conference.

    Automotive Comms has directed all communication for this three-year project, including elements such as strategy, website, written content, photography, videos and PR. The communication for the project won the NAA’s ‘Marketing Project of the Year’ Award.

    Automotive Comms also supports EA Technology, including in areas such as the development of the company’s new website

    Marketing support for Force Technology

    Automotive Comms has worked with Force Technology to create a professional and strategic marketing approach, which has enabled the company to achieve levels of growth over the last year that far outstrip reasonable expectations for a new business. Marketing tools such as the company’s website have provided the reassurance that the company has the capability to deliver large orders for springs that need to meet particularly demanding requirements. The company has been elevated from being a volume spring manufacturer to a business that is seen to offer leading expert advice about the design of springs to cope with high performance use and challenging duty cycles. Force Technology is now supplying springs into high profile global clients in sectors such as automotive and heavy diesel, often displacing previous suppliers that have been in business for many years.

    Marketing support for Fylde CNC

    Fylde CNC, a sub-contract precision CNC machining company, wanted to broaden its customer base and grow the business. Automotive Comms identified that Fylde CNC would benefit from marketing advice and support to help the company make the most of additional opportunities in the automotive industry. The resulting marketing project looked at overall marketing strategy and elements including a new website, presentations and brochures. Since the new marketing strategy was implemented, Fylde CNC has enjoyed an increase in sales of over £1.5 million.

    Direction of communication for the Northern Automotive Alliance

    Automotive Comms carries out a wide range of communication work for the NAA. This includes the writing and production of the NAA’s monthly e-newsletter, communication support for a range of NAA events such as the Annual Awards Dinner, and for other NAA projects such as STRIVE, an AMSCI-funded NAA/Bentley virtual reality design project.

    To discuss your marketing and communication requirements contact Paul Clarke on 0161 980 6436, or visit

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