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    NAA Event Review: 7 Essential Questions to Answer Before Re-Starting your Business

    Paul Limb, Managing Director of ActionCOACH, Bolton, returned to deliver another webinar and this time focussed on the actions that every business owner should take when re-starting their business…

    The COVID-19 crisis may still be pummelling your business, but there will come a time when the storm starts to ebb. That’s when you have a unique opportunity. Without the forces of inertia pushing you in the direction you’ve always gone, you have a moment to decide where you want to be. It’s an opportunity to rethink how you approach your company — to rebuild your business into what you’ve always dreamed it could be before little decisions, stacked on top of each other, became too hard to undo.

    In this webinar Paul helped delegates to:

    • Discover the biggest mistake business owners make when rebuilding from a disaster
    • Learn what acquirers value in the businesses they buy
    • Identify which of your product/service lines are worth rebuilding now
    • Explore 8 reasons big companies buy little ones
    • Answer 7 essential questions you need to address before starting to reconstruct the value of your company

    The 7 Essential Questions webinar can be accessed and replayed using this link:

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