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    NAA Event Review: Battery Electric Vehicles – A Volatile Market

    Our most recent webinar, Battery Electric Vehicles – A Volatile Market, saw consulting firm Grant Thornton give a fascinating insight into the latest developments and trends in the field of electric vehicle engineering and manufacture.

    Grant Thornton’s Owen Edwards, Head of Downstream Automotive Consulting, started by giving attendees an overview of the various battery technologies and chemistries available, together with their respective advantages and disadvantages, which included:

    • Battery density

    • Lifecycle

    • Cost of manufacture

    • Battery price

    • Safety

    Attendees were then given an overview of the current and future trends in battery structures and architectures, examining the impacts on cost of manufacture, price and charging rates. Illustrated pricing examples of Battery Electric Vehicles were then provided for both the US and China marketplaces.

    The webinar concluded with projections on the significant global growth of EV availability / adoption, facilitated by the lower cost of both battery and electric vehicle manufacture.

    Copies of the presentation slides are available on request from Zoe.

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