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    NAA Event Review: Simple Software Solutions to Support Working from Home

    As we touched on last month, the NAA has continued to deliver online events with our second webinar this year focusing on software solutions when working from home…

    Like a lot of companies, this may be the first time you and your staff have worked from home and fortunately these days there are a number of inexpensive software solutions that can help you to work from home with minimal disruption, allowing you and your staff to communicate and collaborate effectively.

    This webinar was delivered by Dr Joe Handsaker from Elements Technology who demonstrated the software solutions and key features for each of the following:

    • ‘WhatsApp’ for short informal chats
    • ‘Zoom’ for face-to-face conversations
    • ‘Google Suite’ for collaborative working
    • ‘’ for project updates / activity tasks
    • ‘Trello’ for productivity / project tracking

    The software solutions webinar can be accessed and replayed using the following link

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham