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    NAA Event Review: Webinar – Effective Video Content from your Phone or Mobile

    None of us need reminding how the communication landscape was turned on its head for us all in March of this year…

    With face-to-face meetings effectively being wiped off the agenda, the need for meaningful communications via remote platforms has been greater than ever.

    Zoom, Microsoft Teams and recording content on our mobile devices is a superb way of communicating with our audience but the challenge is always “how can we make this as polished, engaging and accessible as possible”?

    NAA Member, Bigtank Video Productions hosted a webinar last month which highlighted the key production stages of creating your own content to help maximise the effectiveness of any videos you produce.

    • Know WHY you want to create a video – Consider what the message is, why it might be relevant to an audience and vitally, what you want the audience to do once they have seen your content.
    • KNOW your audience – Picture who the video is aimed at and try not to be general. The more targeted a video message is, the more effective it will be.
    • Have a BROADCAST STRATEGY. i.e. consider how your audience will see the content. Hosted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or uploaded to YouTube or maybe a combination of all of these. Vitally, if you are using a social channel, upload the video directly to it rather than just sharing a YouTube Link.
    • When you start to create your content, take your time and always try and do the following:
      • If using a mobile device in the office, try and use a stand, stack of books etc to keep it in position rather than holding it.
      • Try and avoid very strong back-lighting but do get good light on your face. Soft light or daylight through a window works well.
      • Keep the microphone of the device within arm’s length as a maximum and avoid sitting near air conditioning units or noisy colleagues!
      • Look at the lens when you are recording and not the face on screen. This gives direct eye contact which is vital for engagement.
      • Take your time when delivering your message. Practice until you feel relaxed and then go for it.

    For more information on Bigtank Video Productions, please visit our NAA Member Profile here

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