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    NAA Events Review: Cyber Security Webinar

    This month saw the NAA return to the delivery of online events, since our first webinar back in June 2019. The move towards virtual events is in direct response to the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the NAA will continue to deliver online events in the short term…

    The Cyber Security webinar was the first of a series of workshops throughout 2020 in partnership with Network ROI, NAA’s IT Partner. Both Colin Thomson, Marketing Manager, and Neil Douglas, IT Consultancy Director, delivered the Webinar alongside Rowan Egan, NAA’s outgoing CEO, and Paul Jones, NAA’s new CEO.

    The importance of digitisation has been widely publicised across all industries, if companies want to remain productive and competitive in the future. The first part of the Webinar focused on some of the key digitisation metrics within automotive, published towards the end of 2019. A couple of the more interesting metrics were;

    • Reduced parts inventory by up to 20% – factory space is often something which manufacturers do not have enough of, in particular SMEs who simply do not have the capital readily available to invest in new buildings that larger companies do.
    • Reduced time to market by up to 25% – with the current challenges in our industry to quickly move towards ULEV (ultra-low emission vehicles), the need for new products and innovation FAST has never been more important.

    The total cumulative benefit of digitising the UK’s automotive sector is £74 billion by 2035, and as the industry moves towards adopting digital technologies, businesses will increasingly be more prone to cyber attacks, which emphasises the importance of cyber security across your business.

    The following Cyber Security topics were covered in detail throughout the Webinar:

    • Understanding the changing threat-landscape
    • Common attack methods and possible outcomes
    • The steps your organisation can take to prevent a cyber attack
    • Protecting the business on a budget
    • Empowering your employees with the skills and behaviours to make them your strongest defence
    • Responding to an attack

    A special thanks to Network ROI for co-ordinating the event. For any specific IT or cyber security enquiries, contact Colin Thomson or Keith Bevanat: and

    The cyber security presentation by Neil Douglas from the webinar can be accessed and replayed using the link below:

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