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    NAA Member Company News: Junair Spraybooths Installs New Commercial Spraybooths for Alexander Dennis (Plaxton)

    Junair Spraybooths has recently installed two new state-of-the-art, energy efficient commercial spraybooths for Plaxton, part of the Alexander Dennis Limited group, the UK’s largest bus and coach builder

    Plaxton has over 100 years’ experience in building coaches and buses. The company’s coach range includes Cheetah xl, Leopard, Panther, Elite and Elite i. From its state of the art facilities in Scarborough, it produces its range which has made the Plaxton name synonymous with all that’s best in coaches. Its bus range includes Enviro single and double decker buses, including a hybrid version.

    The factory in Scarborough has recently undergone a significant amount of investment in order to accommodate the larger buses and coaches that Plaxton now manufactures.

    Junair Spraybooths and Alexander Dennis (Plaxton) have formed a long term relationship stretching back a number of years which has already seen two Junair commercial spraybooths installed at the same site in Scarborough. The latest additions takes the total number of Junair spraybooths to four.

    Of the two new spraybooths installed, the bigger measures 18m (L) x 5.2m (W) x 5.5m (H) in order to accommodate large coaches and double-decker buses, and two 35,000m3/hr air handling units have been fitted in order to get optimum airflow in such a large unit. High, mid and low level lighting has been incorporated to provide excellent visibility within the spraybooth. Two pneumatic access platforms have been installed which operate at each side of the spraybooth and provide a safe and productive solution when painting high-sided vehicles.

    The smaller of the spraybooths has been designed to accommodate individual panels and components and measures 9.2m (L) x 4m (W) x 3m (H). This unit is powered by a single 35,000m3/hr air handling unit.

    Jason Douglas, Sales Director, Junair Spraybooths comments “In order to decrease the production times and provide an even temperature within the spraybooths, both have been fitted with our award-winning patented QADs, this is an auxiliary air movement system that has been designed to accelerate the air movement from the corners and the centre of the cabin. Due to the size of the larger spraybooth we have installed 16 QADs towers to get full product coverage. Not only does this system speed up drying times it also drastically reduces the energy costs associated with running a spraybooth.”

    For increased energy saving both the spraybooths are fitted with a fuel saver mode which automatically changes the air handling plant to recirculation during idle and flash off modes. Variable speed drives have also been fitted, this system varies the airflow volume to suit the process.

    Walter Schneider of Plaxton comments “We are extremely pleased with the finished result, we now have the capability to produce larger coaches due to increased size of the spraybooths, and in multiple colour schemes due to the reduced paint drying times. We have also seen a reduction in energy costs due to the energy efficient technology fitted to the spraybooths.”

    Junair Spraybooths, Tel: +44(0)1706 363555, email:

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