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    NAA Member Company Profile: FAR-UK

    FAR-UK is a relatively young company that works with its clients to improve their selection and use of composite materials together with their operational processes. FAR specialises in automotive composites, especially the very cost conscious world of mass market vehicles

    The business designs, prototypes and manufactures components for customers. Currently most of the products under design are in carbon fibre but the company is also looking at some developing alternative composite materials.

    FAR designs and delivers processes in-house for clients where they are not currently making carbon fibre but wish to begin production with such lightweight materials. The business is currently developing five new processes for the manufacture of carbon fibre components, and it intends to bring them all to market over the next three years.

    FAR is proud to have won the NAA 2013 Innovation Award for one of these processes.

    The company’s fast growing team has an enviable skills base and over a quarter of its employees have a Ph.D. in composites or related FEA studies.

    FAR-UK is always keen to speak to customers with a problem to solve, especially where that problem features the classic automotive balance of quality (including weight/strength targets), cost and delivery.

    For more information about FAR-UK contact:

    Andrea Rivlin

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham