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    NAA Member Company Profile: Formel D UK

    Formel D UK is part of the larger Formel D Group which specialises in premium service provision to the automobile and supplier industry

    Having been the first foreign location of the Formel D Group, Formel D UK has gone from strength to strength by delivering requirement-oriented services through developing market-leading concepts and solutions which are innovative, flexible and forward-looking for its customer’s complex operations at every stage of the product development and manufacturing process.

    Formel D’s business areas consist of the following

    • FLOWing – focused on pre sales and after sales processes.
    • KNOWing – focused on training analysis, implementation and design and analysis.
    • QUALIFYing – focused on production services launch management, trouble shooting and supplier competence.
    • CARing – focused on vehicle manufacturing, retooling and post-processing.
    • CREATing – focused on learning solutions, regular information and business and event presentation.

    In the UK, positive general economic prospects are creating the conditions necessary for further growth and rising sales figures in the automotive industry. Positive trends among local vehicle and engine manufacturers show that the annual production volume will go on rising in the years to come.

    As a service provider for all participants in the automotive value chain, Formel D UK is continuing to intensify its business relations and its expansion course, partly through stronger involvement in British automobile associations. The combination of detailed know-how, a comprehensive range of services based on flexible, demand-oriented concepts and highly qualified employees makes Formel D a sought-after partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

    Formel D mainly implements projects from the field of proactive and reactive quality management in the UK. Here the team supports its customers, from supplier development and the supervision of series to work on finished vehicles and the inspection of supplier parts. In addition, Formel D UK is in charge of a number of important tasks as part of launch management for vehicle models.

    Successful projects include the worldwide preparation of show and press vehicles for a British manufacturer of luxury cars and support for a globally active premium manufacturer in launching a sporty small car. The successful realisation of this project established Formel D as a launch and rework partner, so that the Group now maintains an office of its own on the customer’s premises. “In the course of our activities, we have effectively adapted to the circumstances prevailing on the local market,” says Kathrin Hüeppe (Technical Director Formel D UK). In particular the international orientation and the global networking of the company have enabled the cross-national transfer of knowledge necessary for the concentration of expertise.

    The company relies on a proven well-balanced mixture of local and international competence. In addition to its own requirements, Formel D takes the high demands and quality standards of the automotive and supply industry into account when putting its teams together. The objective of this is to convince customers by offering them maximum quality, and that is also true for the future.

    For further details of how Formel D can assist your business please contact

    Gary Howard email: or call 07848 018 602

    Kuda Matiya email: or call 07815 675 532

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham