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    NAA Member Company Profile: Newgate Simms

    Newgate Simms specialises in synthetic lubricants and chemicals, working closely with partners in a number of niche applications – from combatting fretting corrosion in vehicle electrics, to extending the life of system-critical components and even eliminating interior trim ‘squeaks and rattles’

    Chester-based Newgate Simms, a key automotive problem-solving partner and supplier for automotive engineers and technicians in the UK, is launching more of its own-brand products.

    An important supplier into the tier one and two Jaguar Land Rover supply chain, Newgate Simms delivers on-site technical support at all stages of device development. Many of the products sourced by Newgate are from business partners in the USA and Germany. However Newgate has now developed its own Contralube brand.

    There are two products under the Contralube brand – Contralube 770 and 880. Contralube 770 is an automotive connector lubricant and is part of a company focus on penetrating the automotive aftermarket; the product is designed to stop fretting corrosion, which is a big challenge in the automotive arena. Fretting corrosion is a phenomenon that is best summarised as micro-motion abrasion between electrical/electronic contacts in a vehicle wiring loom. Fretting corrosion in automotive connectors normally manifests itself as a phantom engine management warning light. The problem is becoming more prevalent due to the increase in the popularity of diesel engines and the increase of electrical connectors throughout a vehicle.

    Contralube 770 is a clear gel (technically classified as a grease) that is applied to electrical/electronic and data connections and will protect circuitry from fretting corrosion, moisture increase (including salt water), contact wear, dust, rust, verdigris. Amazingly, this state of the art formula does not cause circuit impedance or degrade the quality of the data signal. The product is dielectric by design and also does not contain silicone (very important in the automotive market).

    Newgate Simms is keen to dispel some myths about lubricating electrical connectors. For instance, grease doesn’t attract dirt; lubricants don’t interfere with connectivity; and gold-plated contacts do need grease.

    Find out more at or contact Peter at Newgate Simms,

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