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    NAA Member Company Profile: ULEMCo

    ULEMCo Ltd, based in Liverpool, is a specialist in low emission technology, offering engineering services for the conversion of engines to run on hydrogen

    The company has specifically developed capability in the conversion of commercial vehicles to run as hydrogen diesel hybrids, particularly the Ford Transit, where the approach allows fleet managers to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions to ultra-low levels.

    The conversion service includes the supply of a safely engineered retrofit kit encompassing tanks, lines, engine control and management system, installation, and application for VSO status to enable use on UK roads. Ford Transit vans converted to hydrogen diesel hybrid have been verified by the VCA as achieving emissions of 59g/km of carbon dioxide (below EU standard for ultra-low emission status), some 70% lower than the base vehicle, with other emissions meeting EURO 5b standards. Converted vans retain full payload and performance characteristics, and as hybrids, offer the full mileage range of a conventional vehicle.

    In the UK there are currently just over a dozen public locations where refuelling with hydrogen is possible, including several locations around London. Other stations are being installed over the next 18 months, such that a national network of around 65 stations will be available by 2020. Additionally major fleet owners have the option to install on site refuelling and generation capacity which, if connected to renewable sources, will provide 100% carbon-free fuel. ULEMCo provides advice, consultancy and the supply of the full hydrogen refuelling facility, to go alongside the provision of the converted vehicles, as required.

    The company was founded by Amanda Lyne, with over 15 years’ experience in hydrogen, fuel cells and low carbon technology, with Paul Turner, who has a lifelong career in automotive engineering, particularly known as a specialist in engine calibration and optimisation. The hydrogen technology was spun out from Revolve Technologies, a globally renowned company based in Essex which provides engineering and R&D services to the automotive OEM and tier 1 suppliers. In collaboration with various partners a fleet of over 20 hydrogen hybrid vehicles currently run in the UK, supported by Revolve and ULEMCo. Further R&D is being undertaken to develop the approach for other makes of van, types of vehicle and combustion applications, such as marine and stationary generation.

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