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    NAA Member News: Adrian May, Managing Director, Performance Springs, awarded Mentor of the Year 2017

    Adrian May, Managing Director of NAA member company, Performance Springs Ltd, has been presented with an award from the Welsh Government’s Business Wales organisation…

    In a prestigious awards dinner at Cardiff’s City Hall on 26 January, Adrian was awarded Mentor of the Year 2017 – for Mentoring Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the mentoring service.

    Business Wales announced, “We have a special award to recognise someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Mentoring service at Business Wales. The Mentor in question is an extremely experienced businessman who has worked in many sectors. This individual was recruited as a Business Wales mentor very early in the programme and has worked tirelessly throughout that time. He has supported numerous mentees, some for a few meetings and some relationships that have lasted for nearly 4 years. This person has a special relationship with the Mentoring team and has provided several presentations at national events including presenting with his long-term mentee and Dragon’s Den successful candidate, Layla Bennett. Together they have provided an insight for others who may not believe how two vastly different business people have benefitted from business support through a mentoring relationship. The winner of the special award for outstanding Contribution to Mentoring is Adrian May.”

    Shirley Walsh, CEO of Performance Springs commented, “We are thrilled that Adrian has received this award. He is a very experienced leader and is always happy to share his skills and knowledge with members of our company. He is completely focussed on encouraging and developing his staff and ensuring that customers of Performance Springs Ltd are happy with our products and services”, she concluded.

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