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    NAA Member News: BAC double bill on Top Gear

    Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is celebrating a double dose of Top Gear glory, having wowed the BBC America Top Gear USA team across the pond and made the UK magazine’s All-Time Top 50 Cars as part of its special 300th issue…

    BAC deployed its One-of-a-Kind Mono supercar to Marin County in northern California – not far from the BAC USA base in Sonoma – and let Top Gear USA presenter Bill Fichtner loose on the beautiful coastal roads.

    Known for his roles as an actor in television shows Invasion and Prison Break and on the big screen in The Dark Knight and Black Hawk Down, Fichtner is a serious petrolhead away from his life in Hollywood.

    The BAC Mono has also been making a splash in print as well as on screen, making Top Gear Magazine’s All-Time Top 50 Cars as part of its special 300th edition.

    Top Gear UK counted down its favourite ever models, with the Mono taking the 26th spot.

    Mono is no stranger to Top Gear success, holding the fastest TV lap time honour on road-legal tyres in the Clarkson, Hammond and May heyday, being named the Stig’s Car of the Year back in 2011 and being crowned the Best Car in the World for Selfish Sundays.

    In addition to Top Gear success, the BAC Mono appears in Project CARS 2 – a brand new video game celebrating ‘the ultimate driver journey’, available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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