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    NAA Member News: Briggs Automotive Company Launches Mono Art Car Challenge

    British supercar manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) and pioneering automotive artist Paperlegend collaborate to launch unique Mono Art Challenge ahead of the Sleeping With Art: The Art of Cars event taking place 25-26 October at Hedsor House.

    The BAC Mono is already a highly unique, technologically-advanced supercar that is truly One of a Kind, and BAC’s latest partnership, with automotive artist Paperlegend, takes the bespoke nature of Mono one step further. 

    Paperlegend is Florian Weber, a car designer who has worked in the design studios of McLaren, Volkswagen and Porsche, after studying car design at Pforzheim university. Now he puts his design skills into creating metallic paper sculptures of legendary cars and the BAC Mono supercar will be his latest creation. 

    The BAC Art Car Challenge is open to artists of all types. Approved works will become NFTs, as well as being displayed on 3D Paperlegend Mono models. Buyers of these special NFT artworks will receive a Paperlegend Mono Art Car model, for the collector to build themselves or have it built by Florian. The NFT owner also has the exclusive rights to create further art pieces around the same theme, which also includes the opportunity to commission a BAC Mono Art Car in the same livery.

    An existing BAC Mono Art Car, produced in association with renowned automotive artist Rene Turrek, will also be displayed at the Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars event in October along with a pure white BAC Mono designed to be seen as a blank canvas for inspiration.

    Ian Briggs, Lead Designer and Co-Founder of BAC, said “BAC owners are as individual as the Mono itself, and we pride ourselves with our digitally-led personalisation programme. Creating an Art Car with Paperlegends, and showcasing it at the Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars event, reinforces BAC’s approach to innovative concepts, stunning design and offering unrivalled levels of bespoke personalisation.” 

    Artists who wish to submit their artistic interpretation of the BAC Mono supercar can do so via the Paperlegend website. The deadline for entries is 22nd October. Selected entries will be displayed at the Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars event for viewing and purchase. 

    Sleeping With Art: The Art of Cars takes place on 25th and 26th October at Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire and is renowned for showcasing the latest creative initiatives and collaborations between automotive brands and artists. In addition to art cars, it presents sculptures, paintings, collage, photography and digital art including NFTs.

    Artists who are invited to be a part of the Paperlegends BAC Mono Art Car display will take a share of revenue when their work is sold. 

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