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    NAA Member News: DHL HR Guide to Supply Chain

    A lot is written about the many ways in which new technologies are transforming the supply chain industry.

    That’s because digitalisation has changed everything, from how we recruit, to the way that people look for jobs. Indeed, at DHL Supply Chain, the world’s leading logistics provider, we are at the forefront of integrating those new technologies and upskilling our workforce for the digital age.

    But not so much is written about the crucial ingredients in every efficient, agile, resilient supply chain – its human elements. We are proud to say that in a world powered by logistics, we are a company powered by its people.

    That isn’t to say that technology doesn’t play a part, it certainly does, particularly at a time of labour shortages. But we have found that customers for whom people management in logistics is not core can benefit from guidance on how a supply chain partner finds the right people to keep operations running smoothly.

    Discover more about the opportunities and challenges facing supply chain HR in a digital world here.

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