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    NAA Member News: East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce – RISE Academy programme for Female Leaders and Managers

    The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce the launch of RISE, the ‘Chamber’s Academy programme for Female Leaders and Managers’.

    When women become leaders, they provide a different set of skills and imaginative perspectives. More importantly, female leaders bring structural and cultural differences to the table, which drive effective solutions. Their creative standpoint and unique sense of awareness also allows them to study and uncover the finer details that may go unmissed by others.

    Launching on 11 June this year and following years of research this 6 day programme is set to be highly sought after and has already sparked the interest of many companies across Lancashire.

    Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be part of this innovative and inspiring female leadership programme.

    To find out more visit R.I.S.E.- The Chamber`s Academy for Female Leaders and Managers or contact Christine Lambe on

    or 07970 965125 who would be delighted to speak with you.

    Leaders of Tomorrow – Together we shape the future.

    East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it has confirmed the dates for its new 8 Day Leadership programme, a truly brilliant programme which explores and introduces the key qualities of an inspired leader who radiates authenticity, a truly amazing insight into behavioural leadership.

    It will commence on 4 November 2024 and then run on the following dates:

    4th December 2024

    4th February 2025

    5th March 2025

    8th April 2025

    7th May 2025

    3rd June 2025

    3rd July 2025

    Highlights include Lumina Spark & Lumina Leader, Transactional Behaviour, Dynamic Leadership, Influencing with impact and persuasion, Change management, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Feedback.

    Delegates will then finish off with an Action Learning Day which involves presenting to their peers and businesses about the challenges faced during their time on the programme, create an action plan for implementation and commit to future actions and then finish off with a celebration of their achievements.

    Find out more at Leaders of Tomorrow – Together we shape the future or contact Mark Greenhalgh on or 07570 289793 who would be delighted to speak with you.

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