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    NAA Member News: Eaves Associates and Hybond partner up to launch advanced adhesive dosing system

    Eaves Associates and Hybond have partnered up to launch an advanced adhesive dosing system that is now being used by two major car manufacturers, one in the UK and the other in Europe…

    Investment in Eaves Associates’ in-house climate testing facilities gives the opportunity to work with its customers, bonding their materials and putting them through the OEM’s exact climate testing routine to ensure successful integration into their customers manufacturing facility. Hybond is well acquainted with the speed and dependability the sector demands, which is why many household names and cars we see on the road every day incorporate Eaves Associates’ adhesives in their manufacture.

    Problem – Traditional ways of applying adhesives to vehicle interiors during manufacturing is both time consuming and expensive as the adhesive has to be applied to both surfaces and curing time has to be allowed.

    Action – Eaves Associates and Hybond have been working closely and have developed a unique range of automotive adhesives that will successfully bond leather, foam and PVC to themselves or to PC/ABS Mouldings. These adhesives are thermally reactivated as is common practice in the industry.

    Solution – Eaves Associates has now developed a range of adhesives that can be hand applied, sprayed and roll coated to one surface only, therefore saving time and benefiting from reduced costs.

    For more information, please contact Darren Whiley: 07468 471483

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