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    NAA Member News: Eaves Associates – Lithium-ion extinguishing technology

    One of Eaves Associates’ clients has now put into production a desperately needed solution!!

    Venari Group, AVD and Rotec Engineering have proudly announced their official alliance and will unveil their new co-branded lithium-ion extinguishing technology – the Vanquish.

    With a rapid increase in electric scooters, bikes and vehicles (EVs), fire and rescue services globally have continued to look for solutions capable of supressing lithium-ion battery fires with their risk of uncontrollable thermal runaway. Rotec, AVD and Venari have subsequently gathered their resources and expertise to create the answer to the global challenge of EV firefighting.

    Throughout 2022, Rotec and Venari engineered, manufactured and tested the new ground-breaking technology, capable of providing an unrivalled solution to fire services. The resulting product – the Vanquish – capable of being mounted on a small, agile pick-up size chassis, or retrofittable into existing large vehicles in an FRS fleet, or even trailer mountable, the Vanquish is set to become an essential tool in the ever-evolving toolbox.

    For more information on the Vanquish please contact  or

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