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    NAA member news: Electron Technical Solutions (ETS) achieves ISO 14001

    Back in 2012 the decision was taken to implement an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001 by ETS, a company that spraypaints plastic substrates for the automotive industry, using largely robotic technology, but with some parts still painted manually

    Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, it was recognised that ISO 14001 is increasingly becoming a requirement for organisations within the automotive supply chain.

    Planning for the implementation process began in September 2012 with the intent of achieving certification by around July 2013. This turned out to be rather optimistic largely because, at the outset, ETS had not appreciated the extent and depth to which it would have to go to understand and demonstrate compliance to the complexities of legal requirements.

    A more long-term strategy was adopted as the process revealed greater and greater detail involved in compliance. Alongside this was the creation of all the appropriate documentation to support operational activities and the identification of training requirements (far in excess of what had been originally envisaged).

    The strategy paid off and ETS was delighted to pass through its final certification audit in August 2014

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