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    NAA Member News: Introducing The Blair Project’s new podcast series – SEE ME BE ME hosted by Nile Henry & Blair Henry

    SEE ME BE ME delves into the minds of inspirational individuals who have faced academic, social, and mental barriers to achieve their dream careers.

    Our guests share their life lessons that you can apply to your own.

    In this first episode, Nile and Blair Henry are joined by Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE FRSA; an award-winning serial social entrepreneur, green tech innovator, STEM ambassador and Founder of the Manchester Innovations Activity Hub (MIAH). Marilyn discusses her career as a trailblazer and what it was like growing up without any inspiring role models that represented someone like her…

    SEE ME BE ME is available on several popular podcasting platforms. You can watch the video podcast on our YOUTUBE channel or listen to the audio version on SPOTIFY or APPLE PODCASTS. For all available options, visit here:

    This episode is sponsored by TheFaradayBatteryChallenge at Innovate UK. The challenge aims to support a world-class scientific, technology development and manufacturing scale-up capability for batteries in the UK. The challenge is focused on developing cost-effective, high-performance, durable, safe and recyclable batteries to capture a growing market.

    See Me Be Me is part of the PlanetPossibility programme. The Blair Project’s role in Planet Possibility is to open up a window to a vast array of career opportunities to young people from BAME backgrounds, through engaging TikTok physics videos, inspirational talks from role models of colour, and outreach STEM activities. We’re building a diverse community of future physicists through inspiration, opportunities and careers guidance. Explore the world of physics at:

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