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    NAA Member News: It’s All Sanitised Hands on Deck at Ribble Tech!

    Ribble Tech’s presence in the chemical industry predominantly focused on the supply of paint stripper, degreasers, and industrial detergents. That was until Covid-19 struck…

    MD John Sutton, a chemist by trade, decided to dig out his family recipe book to mix a batch of hand sanitiser as a trial. His extensive knowledge in the industry and close connections with a wide range of suppliers allowed the sourcing of a consistent source of hand sanitiser, which is distributed in 5 litre, 25 litre and 1000 litre quantities at a time to a wide range of businesses and the general public.

    Customers include Lancashire Constabulary who purchased large quantities to decant into small bottles themselves for their officers. Their custom arose from two of their officers who called in at the office wanting to purchase a small bottle each whilst on duty as they hadn’t been able to get any themselves. Ribble Tech sent them away with some small bottles and a larger container free of charge as a goodwill gesture for the hard work they were putting in, in these challenging times. Ribble Tech has also supplied care homes from one end of the UK to the other, food chains, local newsagents who have purchased to sell in smaller quantities to their customers to ensure that their local areas have a supply, and key workers such as transportation companies including Menzies, who needed to keep their staff safe whilst continuing to provide a vital service.

    Ribble Tech’s workshop became a hive of activity, with orders coming in left, right and centre, and staff adjusted to this new line of work quickly to ensure these orders were fulfilled to keep these businesses and individuals going. Instead of a pallet of Alloy Wheel Stripper, the new norm quickly became Alcosan by the bucket load! Office staff became part of the production line, decanting, boxing, and labelling the products and as a team Ribble Tech has supplied in the region of 25,000 litres of hand sanitiser, a number that is continuing to increase! The company is very proud to have had the opportunity to ensure a consistent supply of product to keep a multitude of people safe whilst they continue to work in the key services. Whilst there has been a panic for supply from China, contacts have allowed the company to continue a UK-based source of the raw materials which has allowed for consistency and availability for our product.

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