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    NAA Member News: KDAB and partners offer a comprehensive package that takes the pain out of creating high-quality IVI and instrument cluster solutions

    Automakers know that a key component of customer satisfaction and product differentiation is an instrument display and control system with stunning visuals and ease of use…

    Since the emergence of the iPhone into the consumer market, the expectations from users for look and feel, performance and connectivity has increased. The software powering such interfaces must deal with changes across geographic domains, device types and the presence of a myriad of connected devices whilst still offering users any information they need at the touch of a button.

    Getting everything today’s driver expects to have as standard to function reliably, look terrific and comply with all functional safety standards is no easy task. Under the hood we’re talking about securely enabling personalized interaction between diverse software platforms and model-specific, unique brand applications, as well as full connectivity across a range of customizable services, accessible via the user’s mobile phone.

    To address this challenge, Automotive companies from RIMAC Automobili to Daimler and Ford have turned to Qt for its reliability and flexibility. Qt is the leading cross-platform framework for C++, supported by hundreds of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of software engineers worldwide. Qt’s C++ base allows it to wring the best performance out of any available embedded hardware. Qt supports every CPU, chipset, OS and mobile environment found in automotive development. An active and open ( software development framework, Qt offers full brand security and no barrier to customization.

    This is where KDAB comes in. KDAB software engineers have been working with Qt since 1999. KDAB is the largest independent contributor to Qt and the driving force behind Qt 3D – Qt’s high-level and powerful 3D renderer. KDAB’s position and experience in the Qt community uniquely places us to help solve your real world problems even if that means going in to the very deepest layers of Qt itself.

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