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    NAA Member News: NanoSUN Signs MOU With Czech Republic Partner HYDROGEN SYSTEMS

    UK provider of mobile hydrogen refuelling stations, NanoSUN, and start-up company of TENSIO TECHNOLOGY, HYDROGEN SYSTEMS, sign a memorandum of understanding to deliver sustainable hydrogen refuelling solutions to central Europe.

    In August 2022, a memorandum of understanding was signed by NanoSUN’s CEO, Dean O’Connor and HYDROGEN SYSTEMS CEO, Ing. Jan Hrbáč. The MOU between the two companies aims to explore commercial market opportunities for the uptake of mobile hydrogen refuelling in a range of transport applications across Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Holding over ten years’ experience with high pressure systems for the compression, distribution, filling and recovery of gases (air, O2, He, N2 and many others), TENSIO TECHNOLOGY founded HYDROGEN SYSTEMS in 2021; acknowledging the need for hydrogen technologies as a solution to reducing the overall burden on the environment. 

    Last July, Europe recognised that the Czech Republic will play an essential role in the global energy transition and the hydrogen economy following the unveiling of its national hydrogen strategy – focusing on low-carbon hydrogen production, low-carbon hydrogen utilisation, hydrogen transport and storage and hydrogen technologies.

    Understanding hydrogen to be a basic prerequisite for sustainability within the transport industry, HYDROGEN SYSTEMS will collaborate with NanoSUN to provide its Mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) to regional prospective customers and users within the sector.

    NanoSUN’s Mobile Pioneer HRS is rapidly becoming seen as a key instrument in facilitating the adoption of hydrogen vehicles across the UK and Europe. Its simple, quick to deploy, ‘plug-and-play’ design allows for fast implementation of a reliable hydrogen refuelling infrastructure; offering hydrogen storage, distribution and dispensing in one complete solution.

    Charlie Clegg, Sales & Marketing Director, commented: “This collaboration with HYDROGEN SYSTEMS is strategically vital in us continuing to make zero-emission transportation and mobility a reality. Our simple and affordable mobile hydrogen refuelling solution enables customers to move away from fossil fuels with ease and will support Europe in delivering the infrastructure needed to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen powered vehicles and equipment.”

    HYDROGEN SYSTEMS commented: “Hydrogen is not the future, hydrogen is the solution now! We firmly believe that as clean energy, it is an integral part of not only sustainable transport and energy, but sustainable living in general.”

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