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    NAA Member News: Sales for YOYO Multidrops at Acorn Trucks

    Acorn Trucks Ltd has been appointed as one of the first YOYO MultiDrops Ltd UK distributors and has placed its first order for a YOYO MultiDrops™ system to be fitted onto the new Maxus Delivery 9 chassis cab vehicle…

    YOYO MultiDrops™ is a revolutionary system that transforms a 3.5t/4.25t chassis into a multi-use, multi-role vehicle, capable of being used in mixed fleets with unlimited types of bodies. The unique system enables loads to be lowered to ground level and exchanged with minimum delay.

    Acorn Truck Sales is busy at this time of the year with both new and used vehicle sales. Darren Brown, Sales Director there said; “As trailblazers in electric vehicles, with four outlets in the UK we were particularly impressed with YOYO Multidrops and the potential offered for vehicle flexibility whilst keeping costs down.”

    He added; “We see this system as incredibly useful for organisations that need fast turnarounds at large depots as well as single operators that want to reduce their fleet but need different bodies to meet work needs against the clock, like builders and merchants of all kinds.”

    Derek Bowes, Director at YOYO MultiDrops commented; “Operational efficiency is a top priority for fleet operators. They require quick turnaround to ensure vehicles are in use rather than being stuck in depots. Parked vehicles are not efficient and don’t make money! We’ve calculated that over three years, investment in the system with three loadframes – which could be three different types – can save over £120,000 compared with the cost of buying and operating three different vehicles. “

    The YOYO system has undergone rigorous in house and third-party testing, in line with British and European standards and directives. Type Approval is not required, as the load frame is deemed to be a payload. This frees the converter from the expense of approval schemes or the delay of an IVA.

    Retro-fits are easy on commercial vehicles up to five years old, making them suitable for existing fleets. As a fleet changes, existing load frames can be reused on new vehicles, thereby facilitating easier and more cost-effective business expansion and migration to electric vehicles.

    There is more information on the website at

    Speak to Derek Bowes in the Birkenhead office on 0151 647 6771 or email

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