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    NAA Member News: Senseye and Endowance Solutions Power the Capability to Monetize Servitization

    Senseye and Endowance Solutions have announced a new strategic partnership, giving manufacturers an integrated software suite to servitize their product offerings leading to increased customer interaction, retention and revenue.

    OneOffice Duet360™ for IIoT combines Senseye’s AI-powered industrial analytics solution for machine performance and reliability with Endowance’s IIoT platform, helping manufacturers monitor and maintain machines ahead of time to reduce costs, make better use of resources, create an enhanced customer experience, and achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

    The cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems such as Salesforce and leverages real time data, allowing machine manufacturers to offer business outcomes as a service to their customers

    Moving beyond offering periodic maintenance and ad-hoc repairs allows for proactive maintenance and automated part sales and order creation as part of a holistic offering. Machine manufacturers can now meet and anticipate customer needs while at the same time creating new, consistent, and recurring servitization revenue streams.

    Klaus Kruppel, VP Strategic Alliances – Senseye, comments: “In our conversations with customers, we have found that they are constantly looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase the quality and timeliness of their service.

    “Our partnership with Endowance Solutions allows machine makers to offer innovative servitization based engagement models to their customers using our ready-made platform, built with reliability, scalability and composability in mind”

    Rob Hienekamp, CEO – Endowance Solutions, comments: “Aftermarket parts and service offer tremendous revenue potential. With Senseye, our solution will help manufacturers differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve revenue goals through real time use of IIoT.

    “With OneOffice Duet360™ for IIoT we can improve client satisfaction by enabling manufacturers to offer products and additional enhancements as a service.”

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