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    NAA Member News: Senseye announces the launch of Senseye PdM Complete and Senseye PdM Omniverse

    In November Senseye announced its solution for companies to take full charge of their PdM journey. A platform version of the award-winning software that has delivered over 10x ROI for industrial customers the world over – Senseye PdM Enterprise… Read more

    Senseye PdM Complete is for organisations at an earlier stage of their journey into Predictive Maintenance. Investment in Digital Acceleration is no small thing and sometimes a guiding hand is needed – an organisation to lead you on the journey and help to educate and give you the tools to get you to the stage where you’re ready to take over; with a full guarantee that business outcome will be delivered. an included ROI guarantee.

    The solution combines Senseye’s award-winning Senseye PdM software product, with the expert guidance of its dedicated Customer Success Managers who use their background in Condition Monitoring to ensure project success. Senseye will do all of the work needed to accelerate and deliver the PdM journey and financially guarantee the business outcome with Senseye ROI Lock™ included.

    Download a copy of the Senseye PdM Complete brochure here

    Senseye PdM Omniverse® – guiding your predictive maintenance journey with expert tools, knowledge, support and community.

    The biggest threats to predictive maintenance projects are a lack of condition monitoring expertise and cultural misalignment. The technology to achieve scalable and sustainable predictive maintenance is only half of the story – Senseye is sharing the solution to fill these expertise and culture gaps.

    Senseye PdM Omniverse® is a knowledge platform and community to provide industry operators and partners with all of the resources needed to implement successful, sustainable and scalable predictive maintenance projects. The collection of resources includes step-by-step processes, workflows and guidance distilled from knowledge amassed in deploying global-scale machine health projects since 2015, underpinned by an expert community.

    Please download your copy of the Senseye PdM Omniverse® brochure here

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