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    NAA Member News: Senseye Launches ‘Senseye Ready’

    Senseye is delighted to announce the launch of Senseye Ready – an ecosystem of partner products that offer direct integration with its award-winning predictive maintenance (PdM) solution, Senseye PdM Complete

    A common barrier to predictive maintenance projects is availability of reliable data for condition monitoring. With the introduction of Senseye Ready, Senseye  ishelping to overcome this barrier, providing flexibility and choice from a range of Senseye Ready hardware. From specialist sensing equipment to advanced edge gateways, you can be confident it will work seamlessly with Senseye PdM.

    Check out Senseye’s website for more details, or download a copy of the Senseye Ready brochure (PDF). If you have any questions or you are interested in joining the Senseye Ready ecosystem, contact Senseye.

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