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    NAA Member News: World’s Most Sustainable Audio Technology Supports Automotive OEMs In Achieving Decarbonisation Targets

    Leading the ‘clean sound revolution’, ElectroAcoustic Panels (EAPs) derived from Warwick Acoustics’ award-winning Electrostatic Loudspeaker technology are the world’s most sustainable audio solution.

    Technology directly supports automotive OEMs in achieving end-to-end carbon neutrality targets through the decarbonisation of their supply bases.

    Technology engineered from the ground-up to bring multiple benefits to electric vehicles (EVs) as industry-wide sustainability targets see rapid electrification of products.

    ElectroAcoustic Panels are extremely lightweight, power efficient and exclusively use 100% by mass upcycled and recyclable materials while delivering remarkable audiophile listening experiences.

    Audio technology created by an industry-leading team of experts united by a common passion to drive the ‘clean sound’ revolution and directly benefit the planet.

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