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    NAA Member Profile: Performance Springs

    Performance Springs is a manufacturer of precision springs for high performance and high duty applications, and recently the company has opened a new factory and enjoyed visits from BIS and others.

    Performance Springs is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high duty and high precision springs at the leading edge of spring technology and innovation.

    Working closely with global OEMs, engine design houses and aftermarket companies, all parts are manufactured to customer order. The applications range from passenger cars, motorsport, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles to the world’s largest diesel engines. The company’s compression springs can be found in:

    • Engine systems – engine valve and fuel injection
    • Drivetrain assemblies – gearbox, transmission and clutches
    • Suspension, braking and steering systems.

    Performance Springs offers expert advice to develop innovative technical solutions to maximise spring performance and avoid the risk of failure.

    Although springs may look simple, they actually have complex dynamics – particularly when used for demanding applications such as engine valve springs and fuel injector springs. Springs produced without expert design input can fail.

    The analysis and fine tuning of spring design can result in a dramatic improvement in efficiency and durability. Performance Springs specialises in the design and development of high efficiency engine valve and fuel injection springs, utilising the most advanced materials for lightweighting and optimising dynamic response for increased engine valvetrain efficiency, lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improved reliability.

    Performance Springs has recently invested in a new manufacturing plant to expand floor space by 50%, allowing it to increase capacity, lower costs and add new products to its portfolio. This expansion is part of the company’s strategy to create more space to service increasing demand from the automotive, motorsport and diesel sectors. A total of nine new jobs have been created by the new venture. The new plant is partially supported with a £67,000 grant from Regenerate Pennine Lancashire, supported by the government’s Regional Growth Fund.

    In connection with the new factory, Janice Munday, Director for Advanced Manufacturing at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) recently visited Performance Springs’ factory with Jacqueline Marsh, Assistant Director BIS NW, and Kirsty Pearce, Director BIS NW. The team from BIS witnessed first-hand a growing company which has recently benefited from a Regional Growth Fund grant to build a new manufacturing plant, which created nine new jobs. Janice Munday commented that she was “impressed by the company’s ability to effectively network with organisations like the Northwest Automotive Alliance and UKTI, which has enabled Performance Springs to link up with like-minded companies and to hear about other funding opportunities and support.” Janice was also pleased to see how the company invested in its workforce through the provision of training, apprenticeship and traineeships.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham