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    NAA New Member Profile: Huntsman Communications

    Huntsman Communications is a boutique business development consultancy primarily operating in the SME automotive sector. Huntsman’s value proposition is its unique shared risk fee structure that maps the innovation and revenue development cycle…

    Huntsman consultants typically work on disparate development projects where senior managers seek to protect ‘business as usual’ from disruption or distraction. We consider our consultants to be embedded entrepreneurial resources available through the non-revenue stages of the project at a fixed cost base that is outcome based.

    Huntsman consultants are custom matched to the projects deliverables and operational sector. They have access to Huntsman’s extensive networks and significantly benefit from their own vast experiences across many transport sectors dependent on first-class vehicle design.

    Sales are the lifeblood of any business, SME business leaders cannot always justify full-time business development people. However, it is commonly agreed that sustainable businesses grow in controlled ways and that growth comes with challenges key amongst them the cost of development and finding the right people to achieve successful outcomes. 

    Huntsman aims to close the people gaps and helps with fixed cost projects that have a success-based fee component. New revenue streams will become mainstream, business as usual and the development costs are relieved – until the next time.

    Huntsman is happy to provide a free day of brainstorming consultation with you where your project or development idea meets our skill sets, this approach helps both parties to understand how we might work together.

    Contact: Steve Reeves



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