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    NAA Update: A review of 2013 and a look ahead to 2014

    It’s December, so this is our final newsletter for 2013, and it contains a lot of interesting information, ranging from why individual companies won the respective NAA Awards, to a survey that may lead to opportunities to supply into Tier 1 companies, and even a chance to have a free fleet review, so I would encourage you to invest a few minutes to take a read of the content below, and circulate it to any colleagues who you think may benefit from this newsletter.

    It has been a very busy year for us, even though we have increased our staff by one, life doesn’t seem to be any easier! Looking back over 2013, it has really been a year of two halves; the first half was about getting projects finally approved (Business Excellence extension, TSB CYD and AMSCI STRIVE projects) and then the second half has been about delivering those projects.

    Without doubt one of the highlights of the last six months has been our Annual Awards Dinner. As the newsletter was published straight after the dinner last month, we have decided to include more information on each of the awards and their winners in this month’s edition; hopefully those of you who were not there or did not enter will be motivated by the articles and will want to enter the awards or attend yourselves next year. Although a month ago, people are still speaking to me about the dinner and we are in the middle of generating our plan for the 2014 dinner.

    We are about to re-launch our LinkedIn group; so please make use of it to give us your feedback on alternative locations to Carden Park; while our intent is not to move (until we outgrow the Carden Suite), it would be good to understand where there may be alternative facilities that are similar for quality and overall ambience, but more centrally located. Our aim is to have at least one topic open for discussion every month as we really are looking for your feedback.

    I am looking forward to our last Business Excellence networking meeting of the year; my last visit to Scorpion was September 2012 and to seeing the changes since that time and to meeting new companies who have signed up since the extension. We already have a plan for four meetings in 2014, two of which are fixed – Mini Gears in February and our Motorsport special at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in June. Here’s another LinkedIn topic for you – what other Business Excellence companies would you like to visit, and what other vital topics would you like to see included?

    One of our other aims for 2014 is to re-introduce our technology events, we are hoping to arrange two during the year; they will be joint events with other groups, so keep an eye on the newsletter for more information.

    Combining all these events together with our training itinerary and the fact it is the International Festival of Business in June next year it is likely to be a very busy time for us, and hopefully for you, as the growth within the automotive industry continues.

    One last item is that the Automotive Council is commissioning a survey of automotive suppliers, to quantify the opportunity to increase UK content in Tier 1 suppliers’ products. The aim is to introduce more UK suppliers to the Tier 1 supply base – so please invest a few moments to take part in the survey – see more information in the article below.

    May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, relaxing, family-focused and enjoyable festive break and I look forward to meeting up with you during 2014!

    Merry Christmas

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