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    New Centre To Bring Benefits Of Electron Microscopy To North West SMEs

    The new Nano Investigation Centre at Liverpool (NICaL) provides regional SMEs with FREE access to the latest state-of-the-art microscopy instrumentation, together with experienced analysts and material scientists

    The facility, supported by the Northwest European Regional Development Fund, aims to help SMEs improve their productivity and competitiveness by linking them to technology and expertise that will improve their product and process design.

    Examples of commercial application areas

    • Advanced materials
    • Bioscience and health
    • Medical equipment manufacture
    • Environmental and energy technologies
    • Automotive and aerospace
    • Electronics
    • Catalysis

    Core Benefits

    • Shorter development cycles for new products
    • Improved failure analysis and quality control
    • Earlier identification of potential problems

    Products which rely on nanotechnology – from catalysts to thin coatings, semiconductors and nanotechnology based drug delivery – benefit from characterising components and interactions, at the nanoscale, as well as down to the atomic scale.

    Electron microscopy can add value to almost every manufacturer of a physical product. Yet SMEs are often unable to reap the benefits from this technology because of its prohibitive cost. NiCaL has been established to remedy this by providing access to the University’s most advanced and powerful electron microscopy facilities, along with basic advice and full technical support, at no cost to the company.

    In addition, the core team of technical experts can advise on all aspects of materials R&D, drawing on the experience of academic colleagues from across the University. This will help to translate research findings into practical and timely solutions; a crucial element of rapid product and process development.

    If you are an SME manufacturing in NW of England and want to improve a product or related process please contact us for additional information.

    Contact Dr. Simon Romani,
    Technical & Industrial Liaison Manager,
    T: 0151 794 5375 or 0151 794 5380,

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham