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    New NAA website – please take a look to check that your company details are correct

    The NAA has a new website, please take a look at it to check your company details, and let us have any feedback

    The NAA website is there to help promote your company, so please take a look at the new website and check that your company details are up to date. There are also new sections, such as facts and figures about the North West Automotive Industry. See:

    If you are an NAA member or a Business Excellence member, your organisation should appear in these sections. We also have new sections, such as for companies involved in low carbon activity – are you listed in there? If not, should you be? Please let us know if you would like to update any details about your organisation, or if you would like to be featured elsewhere. If you have any other feedback, or ideas about any other features that you would like to see on the new site, please let us know. Contact Zoe Desoer-Green at

    As the NAA grows to be an increasingly well recognised automotive membership organisation nationally, your company might want to promote that it is a member of the NAA on your own website. If you would like to obtain an ‘NAA Member’ logo to use on your own website please contact Zoe Desoer-Green at

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