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    Northwest Automotive Alliance Business Awards 2012 – Entries now invited

    The Northwest Automotive Alliance Business Awards provide automotive companies recognition for their achievements. Winners will be presented with their Awards at the NAA Annual Networking Dinner on 18th October 2012 at Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire.

    All North West businesses, linked to the Automotive Sector, can enter as many of the Award categories as they wish (the Business Excellence Awards do have specific eligibility requirements). By entering these Awards each company will gain recognition and publicity for their achievements, successes and accomplishments.  The winner of each category will be presented with a certificate and an award. The awards will be made by Bentley Motors, who are the main sponsors of the dinner.        

    Closing date for entries is midnight on 14 September 2012.

    Business Excellence Awards

    The Business Excellence award is for companies that have demonstrated significant improvement in their business performance following their involvement with the NAA Business Excellence programme. Your project may have involved prioritising project(s) through a benchmarking and/or business planning process. Projects must have been supported by the NAA’s Business Excellence programme 2010-12 and can be diverse, ranging from lean manufacturing, to procurement support, to marketing projects. The applicants should provide information to support their business improvement, including scope of the project, plus the short and long-term benefits. The projects do not need to have been fully concluded, as long as there is sufficient data for evidence of improvement.

    There are two categories of award, large enterprise and SME.

    Company of the Year Award

    This award is for businesses that can demonstrate all round success. This success can be focused on general business performance, launch of a new product, or development of a new process. Short-listed companies will receive an on-site visit aligned to the VDA 6.3 Process Management audit, which will clearly be of both an internal and external benefit.

    There are two categories of award, large enterprise and SME.

     Trade Company of the Year Award

    This award is for companies who have been involved in exporting their products during 2012. You will need to demonstrate your marketing strategy and delivery status of the strategy. You will also need to share details of the actions that you have completed (such as show attendance, market research etc) and also the overall results in terms of leads and orders.

    Innovation Award

    This award is for technical innovations of either a product or a process. Innovation projects entered for this category would typically have had the benefit of grant funding (either TSB or other) during the year. Innovations and the award application should detail demonstrable, quantified benefits. Credit will be given for positive environmental impact, proven results, unique and innovative solutions.

    Apprentice of the Year Award

    If you wish to submit a candidate for this category then please contact us for the specific application form from, or download it from our website. Each company can only submit one application for this category.

     The award is for an individual who is currently undergoing, or has completed within the last 12 months of the award closing date, an apprenticeship of a minimum of 12 months in duration. The candidate will be able to show commitment to personal development and progression through learning. They will also be able to show outstanding contributions to the workplace, examples that exceed expectations, their achievements and attainment and inspirational qualities.

     The submission should include information about their achievements, contribution and impact within the organisation; including evidence such as: quotes from clients, staff and fellow apprentices, statistics, comparative data and performance reviews.

    All applications require a mandatory reference from the employer.

     There is a common entry from for all awards. One form needs to be submitted for each award that you wish to enter. Please indicate which award you are entering on each form with a tick in the relevant box.

    2012 NAA Awards entry form and guidance

     The preferred method of submission for the form is via email to

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    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham