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    Product Release Europe UK (PRE UK)

    Product Release Europe is a market leader in applying low-friction, chemical-resistant and non-stick coatings to plant, components and equipment, and the company’s technologies have recently been used to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact at Jaguar Land Rover.

    Product Release Europe UK (PRE UK) has recently helped Jaguar Land Rover to reduce paint build-up on spray booth equipment at its Halewood plant on Merseyside thanks to its non-stick coating. Prior to this, JLR had to send away equipment in order to have it cleaned. Thanks to PRE UK, there is now no requirement to send items away, so saving time and cost, reducing transport miles and lowering carbon emissions, and improving efficiency. PRE UK’s solution has come at a critical time as the Halewood plant moves to a three-shift system (see separate article).

    Product Release Europe UK (PRE UK) was called in to JLR following a competitive selection process including a series of stringent technical tests. PRE UK was selected, together with a second supplier, to coat the first of four spray booths.

    During this initial contract, PRE UK’s performance resulted in the company being asked to complete the job on the first booth by itself.

    Product Release UK has now been awarded an exclusive contract to complete the work on the remaining spray booths.

    Naturally, the company is extremely pleased with this outcome:

    “Historically, the majority of our business has been in the bakery and food sector where we have built an enviable reputation for technical performance and customer service. We always knew that this expertise could be equally valuable in the wider industrial and process market and we have been striving to build our presence in these areas. 

    The success of the projects at Halewood and the confidence in Product Release UK shown by Jaguar Land Rover are testament to the skills of the team at the company. I am proud of them and look forward to growing business in the industrial sector.”

    Ian Gates, MD, Product Release UK Ltd

    PRE UK can also assist with other issues at automotive plants in addition to paint, such as helping to avoid the build up of adhesives on jigs.

    To find out more about how Product Release’s expertise in non-stick and chemical resistant coating can help you with your production, visit

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