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    Solve a metallurgical-based problem which is having an impact on your business – for FREE

    The Universities of Sheffield and Manchester are offering an SME industrial two-week project which provides a team of Advanced Metallic Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (AMSCDT) students an opportunity to work on a real-world project proposed by a sponsor from industry.

    The aim is two-fold. Firstly, to help businesses solve a metallurgical-based problem which is having an impact on the company, and secondly, expose students to the demands of running a small to medium sized enterprise.

    The second point is of great importance as the majority of our students are sponsored by large OEMs like Rolls Royce. They have not been exposed to the issues which many of their supply chain face, though a significant amount of their working life may be working for and/or interacting with this supply chain.

    Each project team is comprised of students, an academic mentor, and an industrial sponsor. The research problem is developed by the industrial sponsor in consultation with AMSCDT; it is always a real problem of serious interest to the sponsor and that offers a stimulating challenge to students.

    Students will work in groups on the project full-time over two weeks. Initially the students, with direction from the industrial sponsor, will learn about the problem and how it affects their business. They will then work to find a solution. This could include experiments back in the laboratory at the University, finite element modelling, discussions with Academics within the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester, a detailed literature review or statistical analysis of already available data. At the end of the two weeks the students will present their outcomes to the sponsor.

    What is the value for the sponsor?

    1. Have your problem investigated from a completely different perspective, all for free.
    2. Get highly qualified 3rd year metallurgy PhD students working on your problem.
    3. Access to world leading experimental and analysis facilities at the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield to undertake the project.
    4. Get access to potential employees
    5. You can impart knowledge to the students about what skills are needed for business. Clearly in the long run this is good for the whole supply chain.

    If you would like to become involved in the SME Industrial two week project and possibly run your own project please contact Dr Claire Hinchliffe ((0114) 2225478 or We would be pleased to come and visit you and discuss the potential of a project at any time.

    European Regional Development Fund Northern Powerhouse
    Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Finance Birmingham